A Daughter to her dead father II

Since you left me for surviving in this cruel place
I feel so alone sometime i want to cry from the deep of my heart
But i don’t
Becz I can’t let anyone see I’m weak
I was taught for being strong by you
But still
I am afraid of men wandering on streets
They might molest me
And i miss you for not being there for helping me.
How can he be so ruthless, he who took you away from your loved ones’
He who gave you birth, didn’t get the right to take it back
My aggrieved soul curses him
He’ll suffer the same …

A daughter to her dead father


A daughter to her dead father

He was burning on his deathbed holly
flame was burning his bones
Everyone was criying near to his pyre
Thinking about his good and bad deeds
They might forget him
Forget about his good deeds
May remember him on occasions

But here I’m standing near to him
Who would stand by me
Who would bring those tiny thing for me i never asked for..
Who would care for me like you did..
Now you have gone to a place
I would be one day, to be with you

A dauhter to her dead father

Trampled faith

She fell into arms in which

She gave up her body

When she came up with the baby bump

She wanted to share this joy with you

She looked around to have you

She couldn’t even find your shadow

‘Cause you were only keeping her body not her love…

Girl with a trampled faith